segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

professionalism vs feeling

That's it.
We can not be good professionals if we feel. Well... the majority of times.
A friend of mine told me how disappointed he was about a friend of him, who he recomended to a "big guy" of a "big company" and to whom this friend sent an horrible curriculum like if he didn't care. And my friend asked me "Why did he waste his time like that?".
I said.. "Man.. I don't know. Maybe because he was not so into it,... why to go against it?"

I am working too many hours a day, I guess. And I guess I am working well while I am working, but in the end of the day I just want to "put them on the bitches", sorry my french/portuguese! And if I had to send a curriculum to these guys again I would say "I am wondeful, but don't try to get more than what I have to give. My wonderfullness has an end".
He gave right away what he had to give. And he was not accepted. Correct... Fail!
Because, yes.. we all end up giving more than we have to give, and that is not so good after all. This guy knew it already. As I knew it already, also. But I needed this job, anyway. Lucky him, he didn't need it so much.

Now I am just thinking how amazing would it be to wake up and to do exactly what I want to do. Without anyone saying
- Listen, your curriculum looks a bit.. vague.
To what I would like to answer:
- Listen, your belly got very big in the lats years, didn't it?