sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012


Is there something better than a snooze?
I "snoozed", you "snoozed", he "snoozed"... even the verb itself sounds good even being completly wrong. I love wrong things.
It's good we all "snooze" for a while. You see how grandious everything tiny can be, you see how tiny everything grandious is, too. And the medium keeps being medium. It doesn't exist. It keeps being absent.
The wonderful meeting with a snooze: waking up and not even remembering your name. And when you eventually remember it, spelling it as the most surprisingly thing you have ever discovered in your entire life about yourself.
My name is Ana. A-n-a... That's really strange. I have never though that me, myself, was actually represented by a sound. I knew I was, I just never though about that. So... maybe I didn't really know.
How many people really think about the sound that represents themselfs? We all have a label. And the majority of our label's don't really mean anything, but they have a energy. How maybe not really a energy, that is getting to much "ying yang" here... But it is something quite funny, it is something immutable. Never changes. I was born and I was giving this name and I will die having this name. Even if I decided to change it to "Debora Cristal", I guess there will be dozens of people who will never forget my original name. I will be always Ana. Liking it or not.
After a snooze. After a snooze I got emotional about my name. Not because it's beautiful. Just because it is a freaking sound my parents put on me and it will never change. I found it interesting. And such a short sound. It really sounds...quick. Simple. And easy.
Now I understand why everyone calls me Luelmo instead.