sábado, 25 de maio de 2013

Bang Bang Bling Bling

Life sometimes is what you want, Life sometimes is nothing of what you wanted.
Life can be an imaginary conception of your mind or Life can be actually something very real. Life is whatever the fuck it is. And it will be, fuck.

Bang Bang on innocent and bling bling for those who manage to get it falling down the sky, undeservedly. But innocent also being happy, criminals also being punished. Life is just what it is.

Karma does not exist. Or yet, yes it does exist. God does not exist or yet, yes, He exists. Everything has space to fit in.
But why do I still write 'He' with a capital letter? Cultural manias, maybe.
The sun spins around earth, NO, earth spins around sun.
We die, or yet, we don't - never. Nothing ends, everything is transformed or yet.. yes, we die and vanish forever.

It will happen whatever the fuck will happen, but it will... fuck.

Common sense, random sense, zero sense. Yes, No, Maybe, come si comme ça, plus ou moins. Today I feel like saying Yes, tomorrow I will feel like saying No, or maybe I will say Maybe. And you will say No even willing to say Yes. Or you will say Yes even willing to say No. Or maybe you will just shut down.

Video Games, Life Games, imaginary games or vivid games. Or no games at all.
Exuberant existences or mediocre existences. You will decide either you are exuberant or mediocre, while I decide if you are right or wrong.

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, nothing is right, everything is wrong, or yet, nothing is wrong, everything is right or just ci et ça, bla bla bla.

Bla bla bla, the better definition for what Life is - bla bla bla. Bang Bang and Bling Bling, deserving it, not deserving it, willing it or not willing it. Bla bla bla bla..

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  1. muy bueno y entretenido texto..... debe continuar!

    very good and entertaining text....You must continue!

    très bon et divertissant texte..... doit continuer!