segunda-feira, 19 de agosto de 2013

And what if...

And what if...we could go back in time and change small things? Or even big ones?
My more-mature side has chosen the day I gave the car keys to my brother. Anyway, I am not going to explain the whole story. Half-word is enough. I would have changed that day, I wouldn't have given him those keys.
Second: not so serious, but serious enough, I also have to choose the day I started drinking coca-cola, getting addicted to it. I shouldn't have tried it. Because, Yeah, I am 'cocacoholic', but not very anonymous. I know how much my palate likes it, I am just not so sure about my veins and blood pressure.
And now my more primitive side... I also pick a specific day, when a particular guy, whose the name should not be pronounced, was very arrogant-obnoxious-meanfull-arsehole towards me and instead of breaking his teeth, I acted very maturely just turning my back to him. Oh dear, he was so deserving to lose them. I would love so much to go back and do it! But come here, little boy, we can still 'fix' that! You would be teeth-less but surely more wise now! So you can actually consider it as a gift!

And what if.. we could say, for one day, everything that is stuck in our throats? Without consequences...
Okay, I am going to say it now, so.. there will be consequences, right? Hope not..
My more-serious side would say to the rich people of this country - "What the fuck is wrong with you, guys? Maybe you can not provide jobs to everyone, but you could buy houses to thousands of families that are struggling to pay their fucking rents and barely have food to eat, while you just collect Ferraris in your stupid garage!".
...Well, this is serious...or is it not? I am confused now.
I would also say to this strange-awkward man that sends me cryptic messages every day trying to set a date: "Look, I don't hate you...yet... but you really annoy me. You are such a retarded. I am so sorry, it is not your fault to be a retarded, but it is your fault if you keep annoying me. You are ugly, you stink, you don't even know how to pronounce your own name without stammering. You are 40 and you sound 12. Why would I want to have a date with you? Move on".
But this is so mean that I obviously can not do it for real.
And one more thing. I really wanted to say to these people that make little jokes about me having two dogs, one very big and one very small, that "NO, I am not going to sell you my Spitz, are you fucking nuts? She belongs to the family. That would be abandoning! And what's wrong about the big one? Why don't you try to buy it, too? Because she's too big and you obviously can not handle it? Or is it because it's not so posh? Buy a brain instead!"

And what if... we could do something very radical without running risk of life?
So many things....
I absolutely would drive 200km/h down to Africa, with my two dogs, find a desert (near an oasis) and sleep there for a couple of nights. They would be unleash, they would run like crazy, so as me.
I would swim with whales. I would play with lions. I would jump from cliffs into the ocean. I would climb trees and make friendships with wild monkeys. And all this 'washed down' with red wine.
Just trying to figure out where would be my dogs in meanwhile... well, it doesn't matter... I would find them again, happily tired, because this would be a win-win situation anyway.

And what if... we could say to our friends everything that crosses our mind? Some friends do it and nothing happens, I guess... but it is very rare.
I would say how boring it is when they drag their boyfriends/girlfriends along with them when you just want one night out without those supplements!
I would say as well - "Girl, just stop combing your hair every five minutes, right now! You look like a fool superficial maniac girl. Oh, sorry, you are that...actually!...And...My bag? What's wrong with my bag? Oh, it doesn't match my shoes... that's a sad sad situation, but not as much as your poor poor brain.'
Okay, I have just lost ...errrr... 3 friends right now. UPSY!

And what if .... men could actually understand that they are equally complicated as we are?
That would be the end of the modern world.

And what if... facebook didn't exist??
Ohhhh my GOOODDD.......
Well, something special would happen, I reckon.. I lived without it many years. And I was happier back in those times.
But Chinese don't have it and...still... they are mad as hell!!!
(oh Lord, now I am in a big trouble)

And what if... ?

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