quarta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2014

Embrace yourself...happy birthday's posts are arriving!

This one has to be in English. Sorry, mates!, but it has a purpose.

I just wanted to share my basic feelings about this 'birthday thing'. It's not very complex and probably not very interesting for the majority of you (well, those who clicked on the link probably thought it was interesting, so... this is for you).

Maybe I am not in my best shape as I am a bit drunk. But I can still write! - I always got fascinated by this - no matter how much I drink, words still flow through my fingers - but as we Portuguese say: a drunker is the most honest person. As if I could get more honest.... One day I will pay a tax for honesty! Do not let them know! (But maybe I should... to shut up a bit.)

I was already expecting Facebook messages and all those trivial stuff. And it is with a smile I read all them. But just a few really touch my heart. And you all know what I am talking about. Some are just - "well, it is this person's birthday so I should say something", but I can distinguish this type from those that are - "I really want you to feel good about yourself, I like you!".
And I am more grateful to these last ones. Not that the other ones lose their good intention, but the second version fits way better.

I had made a decision this year. To celebrate my birthday with people that had showed to care about it, even before I have said something regarding it. And in the end of the story we were just four people at mid-night making a toast. And I was born at 12.35 am (so they say...). So, it makes some sense.
And the number 'four' might sound bad... But I have to say it was the first time I received a bouquet of flowers from a friend (not counting my grandmother that always fills my house with a whole garden, I love her) and a very nice piece of Art Work. Not that material gifts are more important, but the intention behind them are.
And I got to the conclusion (again) that... less is more.

To confine yourself to a very limit number of people or friends is not good if your are just running away from people because you are scared about what they think of you or because you don't know how to deal with them. But to make a conscious decision to let things flow and see how much people really care about being with you on your birthday (mainly regarding the fact it has fallen on a Tuesday evening) might be a clever way to know who really likes to be with you and celebrate you. I know other people who would have enjoined it too, but those are far away, in other cities or countries. And I know you are reading this, you sweeties.

We are in the Era of Globalization. Everyone is in touch with everyone. We can talk in real time with China or Australia. And that's wonderful. But how many people have already felt lost in the middle of this big crowd? I have.
In one hand is wonderful and I don't want to lose nor give up on this opportunity to be 'globalizationed', but one the other hand I already know how cold it can get. How close we seem to be with each-other and how far away we actually are.
Is there anything better than a real hug? Is there anything better than everyone knowing that is mid-night before you realizing it? Is there anything better than the comfortable silence between oral-real conversation? And is there anything better than arriving home and be received by your dogs (seriously, they knew there was something special about this day) and to be 'spoiled' by them and have them surrounding you waving their tales as if Jesus Christ has arrived?
Okay, mum, I did get your text message but I am not going to wake you up. Anyway, I love you, but you don't have a tale :)

Now I have a (also) spoiled dog sleeping and purring in my bed (and she usually sleeps with my brother) and I don't want kick her out. Right now she means much more than the bouquet of flowers (and way much the wine I have drunk), she represents the holiness of love. Of course she does not now it's my birthday, the same way she does not know my name either, but somehow she felt I was vibrating a different energy and somehow she felt like staying,
I will never get married, I will have a Zoo!

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